Vehicle Maintenance New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions | Greenville, MS

Maintaining your vehicle to encourage its best performance now and in the future is a year-round commitment. Renew your commitment to your automotive investment with some vehicle maintenance resolutions for the New Year. Remember, anything you need to help your vehicle run smoothly and safely (and looking its best) can be accomplished at the service bay at James Ceranti Nissan in Greenville, Mississippi.

Recommended maintenance

Your owner’s manual outlines the maintenance you need to do and when for your specific model. One of the most highly recommended service milestones is regular oil changes. This simple, quick maintenance task is essential to keeping your engine at peak performance. Old oil will tax your engine’s performance, making it work harder. Skipping regular oil changes can lead to major and expensive engine issues down the road.

Tire checks

Your tires are a primary safety feature on your vehicle. It is so important to regularly check the air pressure and condition of your tires. If you’ve noticed uneven wear, bulges, damage, or your tires are losing pressure, it’s time for one of our automotive technicians to check them out. Running on damaged, weakened, or compromised tires put you at risk for a blowout and reduced fuel efficiency.

For all your vehicle maintenance needs, contact James Ceranti Nissan in Greenville, Mississippi.