2015 Nissan Lineup Updates: Xterra and Frontier See Worthwhile Additions

Nissan Frontier

While the 2015 Nissan Xterra and Frontier have remained fundamentally unchanged for ten years running, minor updates along the way have kept these vehicles up-to-date and appealing. You might say that Nissan pretty much nailed it the first time when it comes to the Xterra and Frontier, and haven’t seen the need for an overhaul quite yet.

The 2015 Xterra and Frontier will follow in the same path as previous years, seeing just a few minor, but worthwhile updates. The Frontier and Xterra get a modest price bump of between $150 and $900 for 2015, depending on trim level, and the addition of a 5-inch color display on some models which includes NissanConnect with mobile apps.

According to trucktrend.com, the price bump is worth every penny, with Xterra S models and the Frontier SV and Desert Runner getting the NissanConnect 5-inch infotainment system that includes Bluetooth hands-free calling, audio streaming, USB iPod connectivity, and text messaging assistant. The Frontier Pro-4X gets a standard 5.8-inch NissanConnect touchscreen display with navigation, and the Frontier SL long-wheelbase is a standard moonroof.

The majority of Xterras and Frontiers are powered by the same powerful 4.0L V-6 that puts out 261 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque as years past.

What 2015 Nissan lineup updates are you most excited about?

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Fun Facts About the Nissan Xterra

Here are few things you may or may not know about the Nissan Xterra:

  • One of the most distinguishable characteristics of the Xterra is the “hump” on the back hatch. What is it? The first aid kit.
  • Even thought the Xterra was first introduced in the spring of 1999, the first model was dubbed a 2000.
  • In 2002, Nissan discontinued two colors from the available paint scheme, khaki and Aztek Red. But Nissan added Shock Blue, Sedona and Molten Lava.
  • The color Atomic Orange was only available in the year 2003.
  • In 2005, the Xterra was given a major overhaul redesign, utilizing the Frontier/Titan platform instead of the Pathfinder platform.
  • Although Nissan is a Japanese company, the Xterra is not assembled there. Believe it or not, all Xterras-along with Frontiers and Pathfinders-are assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee.
  • When Nissan first introduced the Xterra, they used an ultra-catchy slogan to promote it. Remember it? “Everything you need, __________.” (and nothing you don’t)

2012 Nissan Xterra

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Nissan Xterra Ranks High on List of Best Off-Roaders

Nissan XterraWhen you think of the term ‘off-roader’ many things come to mind. You may think of a big, muscular, mammoth looking truck-based SUV that can run over anything and everything in its path. You also probably imagine a vehicle that can take on gravel, dirt, small pools of water, and any other type of terrain it meets. It’s likely that most vehicles described as off-roaders don’t do well as vehicles for everyday driving. The Nissan Xterra is the off-roader that breaks the mold. This SUV is powerful and brawny, yet easy to drive for everyday commutes, and has recently been ranked on Edmunds’ Consumers’ Favorites poll of Best Off-Roaders.

With a versatile cargo area and easy-to-clean interior, Xterra is a capable compact SUV that isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. It’s great as an off-road vehicle and provides a surprising pleasant on-road driving experience for a rugged SUV. Xterra ranked fourth overall on Edmunds’ list of Best Off-Roaders.

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