Nissan Teases New Crossover Concept to be Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show Set

As one of the leaders in the crossover industry, Nissan is constantly updating designs and making their vehicles better in a new dimension to stay ahead of the competition. Nissan has developed a new crossover concept vehicle that they will reveal to the world at the Geneva Motor Show March 6, 2012. The new Hi-Cross concept vehicle will be Nissan’s latest crossover concept.

The Nissan Hi-Cross Concept will be unveiled on March 6 at the Nissan booth at 9:30am. Other than that, details are very scarce about the Hi-Cross concept as Nissan is keeping those details tight to the chest. Visitors will also be treated to the Nissan Invitation concept, a new Nissan hatchback concept that will also be at the show.

Even though details are few and far between, Nissan did release a video teaser to give a brief glimpse of what the Hi-Cross concept is going to look like. Watch and enjoy!


Ready to Rock: Nissan Juke-R Takes to the Track for Testing

The Nissan Juke-R combination of the Juke and GT-R into a super crossover vehicle has finally made it to the important stage of testing.  Nissan engineers take the Juke-R to the track to unleash it through tests to see what the machine is all about!

Shaking down the car to make sure the Juke-R is operating correctly is important to see that all of the components are working together without issues.  Workers will be pushing the limits of the Juke-R to see what type of performance numbers the vehicle can attain.  Safety is also a major factor with testing the Juke-R to make sure the car is handling and holding together correctly.

Watch and enjoy!  All of the Juke-R episodes can be viewed at