Nissan Global App

Nissan Global AppNew phones, new TVs, new gadgets and new ways to communicate. In a world full of technology, even car dealers have to keep up. That’s why Nissan Motor Co. has created this new mobile app called Nissan Global. It offers a variety of information about Nissan, from Nissan’s heritage collection to the latest news including new technology. The app also allows you to explore the Nissan world via stories and movies without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Keep up with Nissan social media with the “Latest News” tab, which will offer you access to the latest Nissan videos from around the world, distributed from the Nissan Global and Regional. The “Map” can provide you with Nissan related news specific to your location, just by tapping the world atlas. “Explorer” will give you the latest Nissan story. Type in a keyword or topic you would like to see more detail on to expand your knowledge on the subject.

Browse old pictures, learn new facts, and keep up with current Nissan news with the new Global app, available in the Apple App Store today.