Redesigned Nissan LEAF Details Promise Improved Power

Redesigned Nissan LEAF | Greenville, MS

The Nissan LEAF has been one of the most innovative electric vehicles in history. It led the way for people all across the country being able to make the switch to an EV. Now, Nissan is working hard to make its electric technology even better with an innovative new design.

Nissan unveiled an electric test vehicle that is equipped with dual motors and all-wheel drive. This gives the model more control and more power. In fact, the prototype produces about 304 horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque. In comparison, the LEAF Plus is rated at 214 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque.

Along with its innovative powertrain configuration, the prototype also features independent brake control with regenerative braking on the rear wheels. This helps give the vehicle smoother braking.

Redesigned Nissan LEAF details suggested that this prototype will not become a production vehicle; however, a lot of the technology used on this model will make an appearance on the “next generation of Nissan EVs,” according to company representatives. This could include a new LEAF, a production version of the Ariya concept, large sedans, or even sports cars.

The current second-generation LEAF has an EPA-estimated driving range of about 226 miles on a fully charged battery. This should be more than enough for daily driving and even some road trips. You can find new and pre-owned Nissan LEAF inventory here at James Ceranti Nissan.

Nissan LEAF Whispers through Sleeping French Town for International Noise Awareness day

Nissan LEAF EV InteriorWednesday April 30 marked International Noise Awareness Day (INAD)… Although it’s a seemingly odd day to have on our calendars, this day has been “celebrated” for 19 years now and actually has some commendable substance behind it. INAD was created by the Center for Hearing and Communication to call awareness to the potentially detrimental affects of over-exposure to excessive noise after a long period of time.  Nissan commemorated INAD by sending four electric Nissan LEAFs on a midnight race through “one of the quietest villages in Europe.”

The goal was to not disturb the slumber of any of the French residents of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. Nissan set up a five kilometer course in the small village, and let the four LEAF vehicles race each other.

Despite some toppled trash cans and an incident with a side mirror, Nissan reports everyone in town continued snoozing. And, of course, there was a film crew on hand so we can enjoy the “Silent Ride,” too.

Add some peace and quiet to your daily commute with the zero-emissions Nissan LEAF! Give us a call at James Ceranti Nissan.

Nissan Works with FedEx to Test the e-NV200 in U.S. Market

Nissan Works with FedEx to Test e-NV200's Delivery PotentialIs there anything better than receiving a much-anticipated package and getting it fast? How about knowing it was brought to you on the wheels of an all-electric vehicle leaving no carbon emissions in its wake? This will soon be the case for package recipients in the D.C. area as Nissan works with FedEx Express to test the Nissan e-NV200 for the first time in North America.

In this ideal partnership, both companies are committed to changing their impact on the environment for the better. This will be Nissan’s second globally-marketed, all-electric vehicle –the LEAF was the first.

Adding the e-NV200 compact commercial van to the FedEx Express lineup matches well with FedEx’s EarthSmart program, which is “designed to guide the company’s environmental commitment in the communities where it operates.”

Nissan Works with FedEx to Test e-NV200's Delivery PotentialInitially, as Nissan works with FedEx, field tests will incorporate the e-NV200 into the routine duties of a delivery vehicle with the goal of discerning its possible future in delivery.

“We’re eager to work with FedEx and other companies to put the e-NV200 through its paces to continue to build awareness of the capability of electric vehicles and to evaluate how well it meets the needs of the commercial consumer,” said Erik Gottfried, Nissan’s director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing. “We’d also like to explore clever uses of EVs in work environments where carbon emissions of gas-powered vehicles make them impractical or impossible to use.”

Even though we at James Ceranti Nissan clearly don’t live near D.C., we’ll be shipping packages to our loved ones in the area in hopes they’ll arrive via Nissan’s e-NV200!

Nissan-A Fuel History

Long gone are the days of $.30 gas, and full service stations. Nowadays, you’ll be lucky to fill your tank for under $3.50 a gallon! But the future of fuel in here, and Nissan talks a bit about new charging stations for Electric Vehicles.

In 97 years, Charlie Yaeger has driven everything from a Ford Model T to a Nissan Maxima, but his most recent vehicle is the new Nissan Leaf. Yaeger says it wasn’t as easy driving 80 years ago as it is today. Gas stations weren’t as common, and most drivers had to memorize their locations. It was also much more common to blow out tires on gravelly roads.

“You had to pretty well memorize where gas stations were and where you could get off the road and have a chance of getting back on after you repaired the tire,” he said. The only “super highway” at the time was the 60-mile concrete highway between Chicago and Danville, IL. It only had two 12-foot lanes of concrete with no shoulder.

All these years later, history is slowly repeating itself. Because Nissan has sold more than 50,000 Leafs worldwide, the need for EV charging infrastructure is growing. To make the gas-to-electricity transition easier, smart phones show EV drivers where to charge.

Check out this video below to see the full interview with Charlie Yaeger.

Woman Makes EV History by Never Driving Anything Except a Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Solveig Marie Ødegård of Norway recently made history when she decided she had to learn to drive. The young mother attended a local driving school, took driving lessons, and passed her driving test, all in a Nissan LEAF. As a result, Solveig Marie has never in her life driven a vehicles powered by a diesel or gas engine. This makes her the first person on record to have all of her driving experience in an electric vehicle.

“There will come a time – five, ten, 15 years down the track – when every new driver will have driven only an electric vehicle,” said Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer.

“First I looked at this (learning to drive) as a duty, since someone in this family needed to be able to drive. However from the first moment I got into the car I discovered that it was incredible fun. So much fun that I almost felt ashamed for enjoying myself,” said Solveig Marie.

Now that she is as licensed driver, any guesses to what kind of car Solveig Marie bought? Of course she went to her Nissan dealer and got a brand new LEAF of her very own.