Nissan Sway Hatchback Concept Turns Segment on Head


When you think of a hatchback, it’s likely that the image that comes to mind is a cute, sporty vehicle that is fun-to-drive. Now, Nissan is looking to completely shatter this image with the Nissan Sway hatchback concept car. This brand-new concept car from the Japanese carmaker offers an innovative design, sexier silhouette, and powerful engine that has shaken the hatchback segment to its core.

The Sway Concept offers a new, bold style that reflects Nissan’s newest design philosophy. Nissan combines sharp angles, edgier bodylines, and a thinner silhouette to shake the typical “Girl Next Door” appeal of a hatchback, changing it instead into a bit of a sexpot. The sophisticated, sultry appeal is enhanced even more so with the Sway’s floating roof design, which uses a panoramic glass roof and special window design to give the illusion of 360 views.  As you would expect, the stylish exterior hints at the elegant interior.

There is little information about whether the Nissan Sway hatchback concept will enter production, but make sure you check back to James Ceranti Nissan for more information about this new model!