Nissan Makes Our Hearts Race with ‘Ride of Your Life’ Campaign

Nissan's 'Ride of Your Life' Campaign Changes Minds about the AltimaNissan has its fair share of thrilling vehicles with motorsport-inspired NISMO editions and the always fast and furious GT-R… Of course, some of the more commonly popular Nissans that share real life roads, like the Altima sedan, don’t inspire quite as much as excitement as their revved-up siblings. Don’t get me wrong, the Altima is one of our ultimate favorites, but it’s not exactly known for it’s racing capabilities. To change the way we think of the Altima forever, Nissan recently played an amazing trick on some willing participants in its campaign coined ‘Ride of Your Life’.

They strapped everybody into what appeared to be a race-ready Nissan Altima, one that was specifically designed for the racetrack. Then the participants rode along with motorsport drivers, navigating thrilling laps around the track at top speeds. The video below is worth the watch for the passengers’ reactions alone. What happens at the end is the shocking part… watch now before you continue to read on!

The real kicker takes place at the end of the video as the passengers watch the pit crew strip one of the Altima sedans of all its “racetrack-ready” exterior features – what remains is simply the Altima, and it’s simply awe-inspiring.

Were you surprised, too? What’s so amazing about this is that Nissan used a standard 3.5 SL Altima with only a modified exhaust for the extra noise, and, of course visual changes like the spoiler and body moldings for the big trick.

We have the 2014 Nissan Altima available now at James Ceranti Nissan. Come take it out for a spin and make your commute feel like the ‘Ride of Your Life’ each and every day!