Nissan Glow in the Dark LEAF Breaks Guinness World Record

The Nissan glow in the dark LEAF was used to create the largest glow in the dark painting, which officially earned Nissan a Guinness World Record. The self portrait was brought to life by artist, Ian Cook, of Popbangcolour.

The painting itself shows off the front side of the Nissan LEAF. Cook had to strategically drive the LEAF in order to spread the glow in the dark paint all over the massive painting. Taking over 61 hours to create, the masterpiece took 60 liters of paint and measured 207.68 square meters upon completion.

A Guinness World Records judge was onsite throughout the duration of the painting and awarded the title to Nissan and Cook on March 20th. Cook said, “This has been one of the most challenging paintings I’ve ever been asked to create, but it looks fantastic. The full sized glow in the dark Nissan LEAF is one of the more extraordinary things that I have used as a painting tool.”

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