Driving Green Made Easy

Driving GreenGreen is the new black in the automotive world. It’s a buzzword we hear almost daily as we struggle to right the wrongs we’ve done to our environment while still maintaining a functional society. As one of the largest sources of pollution, driving has, in response to its pollution, been made greener with the advent of new car technologies in the last several decades: hybrids, electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, diesel variants, and hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles, oh my! But driving a green car isn’t always enough. That’s why we at James Ceranti Nissan have collected several green driving tips to help you out, no matter the car you drive.

Improve Your Driving Habits

Sorry, speeders. We’re talking to you. Speeding can be incredibly expensive, and not just because of the tickets you’ll likely get. Speeding is also very wasteful when it comes to fuel. The perfect speed is somewhere between 45-65 miles an hour. Anything over that, and you’re likely burning more fuel than necessary. Try to drive the speed limit at a constant speed (which means no suddenly speeding up to pass one car only to brake behind the next one until you can make your next move to pass), and you’ll notice an improvement.

On top of that, try to use cruise control whenever possible, and learn to anticipate stop signs and stop lights, that way you’re not burning gas until the last second, only to hit on the brakes right as the light changes. Coasting to stops is your friend when it comes to driving green.

Try not to leave your car idling for more than 30 seconds. At that point, you would have saved more gas by turning it off and then back on when it’s time to go. In addition, use common sense when it comes to the famous debate: air conditioning vs. windows rolled down.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Regular car maintenance can also improve fuel-efficiency. If you stay on top of routine tasks, such as changing your oil, inflating your tires properly, and replacing your air filter, you’ll notice a marked increase in fuel economy.

Think Ahead

There are several things you can do before you hit the road or before you go to a gas station that can really improve efficiency. For starters, make sure your car is road-ready. Remove any unnecessary weight from the car (Come on, do you really need your golf clubs at all times? You’re not that spontaneous). You can reduce drag by removing any roof racks you have added when you don’t need them.

You should also research where the lowest gas prices are before leaving your house with GasBuddy. Plan your driving for times with the least start-and-stop traffic if possible, and be sure to buy gas at optimum times (like when it’s cool out and in the middle of the week).

Oh Yeah, One More Thing

Drive less! For goodness sake, you don’t need to drive everywhere you go. Take a bike, go for a walk, or don’t go at all. Try carpooling or public transportation, or consolidate your three trips a week into one. You’ll save big and spend more time doing what you want than waiting at red lights and stopped traffic.

Have any green driving tips of your own? Share them with us below!