Nic Hamman Wins 2014 Nissan GT Academy North America

Despite how hard you practice in your back yard with your foam Master Sword, you will never be able to use skills learned from Legend of Zelda in the real world. This doesn’t apply to all video games, however, as evidenced by the Nissan GT Academy competition.

This year marked the fourth season of Nissan GT Academy North America—all of which you can watch now on Hulu right now—with the final race being won by Nic Hamman of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Hamman won an exciting four-car shoot out at Silverstone, locking up the title of 2014 Nissan GT Academy North American champion and earning himself a contract to compete as a NISMO athlete.

Since there’s no rest for the wicked, Hamman will kick off his budding career as soon as 2015 gets underway when he flies to Dubai with three other drivers for the Dubai 24 Hours race January 8-10.

Hamman couldn’t be happier with where he’s at.

“I wake up every day with a smile on my face, ready to go work out and get more track time and training,” Hamman told Nissan. “Even in quiet times sitting in the car ready to go out, I’ll reflect on how fortunate I am to get to do this. Now I just have to go out there and prove they made the right choice. I will be racing with the big dogs, starting with Dubai next month.”

We here at James Ceranti Nissan will be watching along. Best of luck, Nic!

Nissan NISMO Here, NISMO There, NISMO Everywhere!

Nissan is known for its sporty look and refined power. The Nissan NISMO series was launched with the name coming from the NISsan MOtorports divisiion. These sporty vehicles are focused on power, agility and technology. They stem from a passion for the sport and a love of the ride. The namesake began for the purpose of motorsports, however, it did not stay with solely with the sport for long. Nissan quickly began developing a NISMO line for everyday driving.

Currently, Nissan currently offers a NISMO iteration of the Nissan Juke, Nissan 370Z, Nissan GT-R and a Nissan Sentra concept. However, we are excited to hear that Nissan has announced a NISMO version of the Nissan Versa Note. This model will include an updated appearance, custom sport seats and upgraded tires. They plan to release the Nissan NISMO Versa Note in Japan this fall.

Unfortunately, it is not known if Nissan will release this version in the United States. Here at James Ceranti Nissan, we are excited about the direction that Nissan is going and we anxiously await an announcement regarding the NISMO Versa Note’s release in the United States.

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