Nissan Envisions Future with Cleaner Cars

Cleaner Cars in Nissan's Future with Innovative Self-Cleaning Paint

Image and video courtesy of the Nissan Europe YouTube Channel.

If you’re like most people of the world, washing your car is not at the top of your priority list. Maybe you feel pangs of guilt every morning when you see the ever-mounting layer of grime collecting on your car, but still, there are more important demands of everyday life to which you must tend. In the near future, Nissan may be washing (shameless pun) all that guilt away and providing us with a road full of much cleaner cars…

Nissan recently released a video demonstrating a new “self-cleaning” paint on a Nissan Note. Watch the video below, and prepare to be amazed.

The paint, which was created by UltraTech and sold under the name Ultra-Ever Dry, is a super-hydrophobic paint that creates a thin layer of air between the paint and the environment. This causes water, dirt, and oil to just roll right off the surface.

While Nissan has said this high-tech paint may not end up on a production model, it will most likely be an option for an add-on at the dealership.

Would you like to keep your Nissan car clean with this futuristic paint?

Nissan Starts No Charge to Charge Program

No Charge to Charge Program to Benefit LEAF Drivers in Select CitiesSwitching to an electric car will definitely save you money on gas; however, you still have to pay for the electricity required to charge your battery. Now, Nissan is offering a new No Charge to Charge program, which will give LEAF drivers in select markets access to four major charging networks for free!

Nissan has partnered with ChargePoint, Blink, AeroVironment, and NRG eVgo for this program. New LEAF buyers will get a single EZ-Charge card that will let them access all four networks across the country.

“‘No Charge to Charge’ and EZ-Charge are a winning combination, making public charging free and easy for new LEAF buyers,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing, in a press release. “Public charging is an important way to provide added range confidence to EV buyers and persuade more shoppers to join the more than 110,000 LEAF drivers around the world.”

There is one small catch, however. Currently, the program is only available in select cities, such as San Francisco, Phoenix, Nashville, and Portland. But, the program is expected to expand and add at least 15 more cities by the end of the year.

What do you think? Does access to free charging through the No Charge to Charge program make you feel more inclined to go electric? Here at James Ceranti Nissan we think this is an innovative and exciting program and hope to see it make its way across the country!

Nissan Wins Sustained Excellence Award from EPA

Nissan Earns Sustained Excellence Award from EPA by Thinking GreenHow does a company save enough energy to power more than 700 homes for a year? By stopping tiny leaks of air, of course. Nissan was awarded the EPA’s 2014 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award for doing just that. This is the third year in a row Nissan has earned this honor.

Over the past year, Nissan’s Energy Management Team has inspected miles upon miles of compressed air tubing to find and repair any air leaks. And find leaks they did. In fact, the team estimated that more than 20 percent of the compressed air used in the manufacturing process was being wasted because of the leaks.

“Thanks to the hard work by our Energy Management Team, we have implemented energy-reduction projects, like the air leak detection program, that helped us earn the prestigious U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award for the third consecutive year,” said John Martin, Nissan’s senior vice president of manufacturing, supply chain management, and purchasing.

Even better, Nissan is reaching out to its neighbors to help others in the community achieve their energy-savings goals, including 14 schools right here in Mississippi. With Nissan’s help these schools have reduced their energy costs enough to equal 10 teachers’ salaries.

Way to go, Nissan!

Nissan Shifts into High Gear with ZEOD RC Testing

Nissan ZEOD RC Testing Overseas for Le Mans 24 HoursLater this summer, the electric hybrid Nissan ZEOD RC will race in the Le Mans 24 Hours in the “Garage 56” category. This distinction is reserved for innovative technology, like the ZEOD RC, and while it won’t be able to “win,” we’re sure it will put on quite an impressive show.

To prepare for this race, Nissan has started track testing the ZEOD RC. Recently, the car spent a few days at the Snetterton track in the UK. Behind the wheel was Nissan GT Academy winner, Wolfgang Reip. Later this month, Nissan will move to the Paul Ricard track in southern France and will be joined by another Academy winner, Lucas Ordonez.

“Testing is probably one of the most important processes of all the development of the car because it’s only when you test that you see the result of all your work and that you see what you need to improve,” Reip said.

Nissan will gather data from the test runs to make any necessary changes and get the ZEOD RC in peak racing condition.

Check out this video of the car in action!

Here at James Ceranti Nissan, we’ll be waiting for the start of the Le Mans 24 Hours on June 14, to see the Nissan ZEOD RD leave its impact on the racing world.

Nissan to Reveal New 2015 Murano at New York Show

New 2015 Murano Sneak PeekThe New York Auto Show is about two weeks away and Nissan has announced that it will unveil the new 2015 Murano there on April 16. To help get us excited for the reveal, Nissan has released a ten-second teaser video.

The shadowy video doesn’t really give much away save for some fine looking angular headlights and the hint of a possible “floating roof” design. It’s not a lot to go off of, but if Nissan’s recent history with concept is any indication, we here at James Ceranti Nissan feel that there is reason enough to be preemptively excited.

Car and Driver thinks the new Murano will resemble the stunning Resonance concept that appeared at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, and based on the glimpses from the video, we have to agree.

One thing’s for sure: the 2015 Nissan Murano will definitely be a ground-breaking design that will give us an idea of what we can expect from Nissan’s new design language. So, keep your eyes on New York on April 16 to see the big reveal. Once it’s seen the full light of day, you’ll be able to see it right here at our blog!