Nissan Easy Choice Sales Event Ending Soon

2014 Nissan Versa NoteCome see us ASAP at James Ceranti Nissan and take advantage of Nissan’s Easy Choice Sales Event, going on now. Don’t waste time thinking about it though because this national incentive ends October 31st on Halloween! Missing an opportunity like this would be scarier than the scariest haunted house or horror movie.

There’s no better time to finally buy that new Nissan you’ve been eyeing. We have 0.0% APR financing available for up to 36 months for well-qualified buyers on select models. We have special low lease payment offers. We have available total savings of up to $7,350.00 on certain models and special pricing on all new Nissans in stock! We have huge savings incentives including equipment allowances, customer bonus cash, NMAC discounts, and more.

The Nissan Easy Choice Sales Event is here to make choosing your next car as simple as pumpkin pie. Come in and test drive a new Nissan, and we’re sure you won’t be able to resist the savings! Treat yourself to a new Nissan before October and the Easy Choice Sales Event run are over.

Celebrate October, celebrate Halloween, celebrate yourself. Come get your Nissan at James Ceranti Nissan today!

Nissan’s Taxi of Tomorrow

TaxisThe bubbly yellow Nissan NV200 has been getting a lot of attention lately as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been attempting to establish a mandate that would require all NYC cab companies and drivers to make a switch to the Nissan taxi.

Bloomberg was hoping to require the swapping out of all 15,000+ taxis in the Big Apple to Nissan’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” within the next three-to-five years. As you can imagine, this subject has been a controversial one, regardless of the quality of the NV200.

Unfortunately for Bloomberg, his plans have encountered a major bump in the road—Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Hagler. Hagler has deemed that the mandate is an overstepping of boundaries, meaning that unless Bloomberg’s appeal can make it past the Supreme Court, there will be no requirement for NYC taxi drivers and companies to purchase the Nissan cabs.

Even if the mandate does not come to fruition the Nissan NV200s have gone on sale at New York dealerships, and some drivers have taken it upon themselves to purchase them anyway.

What do you think the New York justice system will rule about Bloomberg’s mandate? Will the Nissan NV200 end up being the Taxi of Tomorrow?

See the Self-Driving Car in Action

Nissan LEAFLast month we blogged about Nissan’s promise to deliver market introduction of Autonomous Drive by 2020. Now, we are featuring a video clip from one of the very first public demonstrations of Nissan’s self-driving-car technology in Japan!

The demo is from Japan’s CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) where companies come to strut their stuff in terms of technological, electronic, and IT developments and advancements. Last year, Nissan debuted self-parking technology; this year, the automaker outdid itself (and everyone else) with an all-electric LEAF equipped with Autonomous Drive and a large driving track on which it could be demonstrated and experienced.

With five cameras and five laser sensors, the self-driving LEAF was able to navigate the road at speeds of up to 45 mph, make turns at proper speeds, identify road markers, determine direction, move around a parked vehicle, and wow all in attendance.

Not surprisingly, Nissan’s Autonomous Drive technology took home the top CEATEC Innovation Award for 2013. We still have seven years to wait for Nissan’s estimated mastery of the self-driving car, but we couldn’t be more excited to go along for the ride and watch the technology grow. Be sure to watch the video below!

Nissan Sympathizes with Furloughed Government Employees

Clapping for NissanNissan Motor Company is showing their support and sympathy for their customers that are facing financial turmoil as a result of the recent government shutdown. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp (NMAC) is offering extensions on car payments for customers that purchased Nissan vehicles through their financial services division and have been negatively impacted by the furlough.

According to Torque News, NMAC president, Mark Kaczynski emphasized Nissan’s hope to help their customers: “[Nissan] is sympathetic to any of our customers who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances—many times outside of their control—and we want to provide assistance to help them through those times of uncertainty.”

Payment extensions for up to 90 days will be available for furloughed government employees who may have a hard time keeping up with their car payments due to the current political climate and government shut down. This assistance is only available to Nissan customers with loans through the NMAC.

Always ready to lend a helping hand—just another reason to applaud Nissan Motor Company and love the Nissan brand!