Nissan Global App

Nissan Global AppNew phones, new TVs, new gadgets and new ways to communicate. In a world full of technology, even car dealers have to keep up. That’s why Nissan Motor Co. has created this new mobile app called Nissan Global. It offers a variety of information about Nissan, from Nissan’s heritage collection to the latest news including new technology. The app also allows you to explore the Nissan world via stories and movies without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Keep up with Nissan social media with the “Latest News” tab, which will offer you access to the latest Nissan videos from around the world, distributed from the Nissan Global and Regional. The “Map” can provide you with Nissan related news specific to your location, just by tapping the world atlas. “Explorer” will give you the latest Nissan story. Type in a keyword or topic you would like to see more detail on to expand your knowledge on the subject.

Browse old pictures, learn new facts, and keep up with current Nissan news with the new Global app, available in the Apple App Store today.

Will Human Drivers Become a Thing of the Past, Thanks to Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous robot carWith the advances in autonomous (self driving) vehicles, many people can’t help but wonder, “Can a robot really keep me safer than I could keep myself?” Not only are drivers asking themselves this, but lawyers have perked up it as well. After cigarettes, motorized vehicles are the next most dangerous consumer product on the market.

While the soon-to-arrive vehicles are sure to save countless lives because of this, a host of legal opportunities will emerge with regards to product liability, design defects, negligence and foreseeable harm. After all, who wants to be the first person to trust a car to drive them to work, while they sleep in the seat? To limit liabilities, the auto producing companies will need to have laws enacted to curb their legal exposure. And sadly, even if it hinders technology advancements, the systems will need to be locked down so their software cannot be overridden or modified by the user.

Autonomous cars are expected to hit the market in the next three to five years. Are consumers ready for such a change? Is the law system? Stay tuned for more details! For more info on the latest lineup of new Nissans, visit our inventory site.


The Art of Clay Modeling

Ever wonder exactly how full-size clay models are made for car companies?

clay model

We came across this great video from the Nissan Technical Center in Japan for a look at what exactly the process entails. From the designer’s sketches to a full model, the process can take years.

Side-by-side with digital models, the clay models are created by hand, one small piece at a time. Clay is kept in a warming over to keep it soft and the designers work fast before it can harden. The process of scraping away excess, applying plastic overcoats and perfecting the shape can take hundreds of hours for each designer.

Unfortunately after the product is finished, they often get smashed or burned to save space. Sadly, these projects only life short lives and are soon after dismantled. The designers prefer not to watch this process, and we can understand why!

We encourage you to watch this video to better understand the true art of car clay modeling. Check out our inventory page for the latest Nissan cars.

Nissan NV Finds New Work as Ambulances and Repair Trucks

We live in a changing world where not every car is stereotyped as it once was. Not every police cruiser is a Crown Victoria, not every executive car is a Town Car and not every ambulance is based on an Econoline van. Vehicles like the new Nissan NV200 are making inroads into the service, livery and emergency vehicle markets.

For example, 30 new ambulances based on the heavier-duty NV2500 chassis has recently rolled off of the production line and they will be used by the Mexican Red Cross fleet of emergency vehicles this year. The Mexican Red Cross says it receives 1,200,000 ambulance service requests per year, so the mettle of these new machines will be tested in a hurry.

The second example is less useful for life-saving, but may save a guitar from going to the scrap heap. Called the Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van, it can take the services of an authorized Gibson rep anywhere they’re needed to repair or restore an axe in need. The van features a whole aesthetic designed to evoke the classic Gibson look, with wood veneer and shades of brown and black used throughout. There’s a guitar rack that holds four instruments, a sliding 56-inch long repair table, toolbox, genuine Gibson stools and a sound system by Gibson Pro Audio.

For more information about the latest NV lineup, visit our inventory page.