Nissan Teases New Crossover Concept to be Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show Set

As one of the leaders in the crossover industry, Nissan is constantly updating designs and making their vehicles better in a new dimension to stay ahead of the competition. Nissan has developed a new crossover concept vehicle that they will reveal to the world at the Geneva Motor Show March 6, 2012. The new Hi-Cross concept vehicle will be Nissan’s latest crossover concept.

The Nissan Hi-Cross Concept will be unveiled on March 6 at the Nissan booth at 9:30am. Other than that, details are very scarce about the Hi-Cross concept as Nissan is keeping those details tight to the chest. Visitors will also be treated to the Nissan Invitation concept, a new Nissan hatchback concept that will also be at the show.

Even though details are few and far between, Nissan did release a video teaser to give a brief glimpse of what the Hi-Cross concept is going to look like. Watch and enjoy!


Families Get Ready for Luxury in the 2012 Nissan Quest

Families will enjoy riding in the 2012 Nissan Quest because of all the bells and whistles Nissan added to a great driving vehicle to make life a little easier for families.

The 2012 Quest looks to protect families in lane change accidents with the Blind Spot Warning System. When an object in the blind spot is found, an icon will display in the side mirror. If the driver turns on their signal to change lanes, the icon will appear and give an audio warning. The rearview camera on the Quest also helps families make sure there are no objects behind them in danger of being hit while reversing and helps make parking easier.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on the 2012 Quest gives the driver a warning when a tire is low. Quest takes the TPMS a step further with helping to make filling the tire up easy. As the tire begins to receive air, the lights will start flashing and once the tire hits the optimum air level, a soft horn will announce that the tire is at the right inflation.

With an entertainment center featuring a DVD-ready 16,9” best-in-class TV, with inputs for game systems, families are ready to travel with entertained rear passengers.. Families will love the 2012 Quest and its ability to make traveling a little more lavish and enjoyable.

Vote for Your Favorite Nissan Versa Road Trip & Win $1,000 Gift Card

Nissan knew the 2012 Nissan Versa was going to be a special vehicle so they wanted to give it a big opening act.  Priced as the most affordable new car in America, the 2012 Versa offers great value to customers at an inexpensive cost.

But Nissan wanted to know what owners would do with the new vehicle, where would they take it, how would they get there, and who would come along for the ride?  So Nissan designed the My Versa Road Trip contest.  Fans were asked to map the path their road trip would go, what they would do, what music would be played along the way, and which other three Facebook friends would be there for the ride.

After tons of entries, Nissan has chosen six entries as the best and is looking for fans to vote on them.  To see the top six entries, you can visit  Make sure to vote for your favorite one.  Nissan is giving away a $1,000 gift card to a lucky voter!  Below is the My Versa Road Trip: Beach Cleanup Crew entry.  Enjoy!

First Sustainable Living House Construction Underway for Nissan & Habitat for Humanity Program

As the leading electric car maker in the world, Nissan is dedicated to sustainable living and changing the way we interact in our world to preserve it. Nissan is working on making automobiles better but also wants to improve sustainable living in all walks of life. That’s why Nissan created a new grant to build new energy-efficient houses with Habitat for Humanity.

The two organizations got the grant moving ahead with the first house being built in the Atlana, GA area. The house will be certified to ENERGY STAR 3.0 standards. Volunteers from both organizations dug in and began construction on the house in Jonesboro, GA. The home is being built for Kenya Bouie, a single mother of two, who is extremely excited to move in.

Bouie was working with Habitat for five months before her own was chosen to be built. She hammered, lifted, laughed, and sweated along with the construction volunteers, and as the framing of her home quickly raised, Bouie expressed her gratitude over and over. She couldn’t stop smiling while she worked. “I’ll never forget what people are doing for me and my girls”, she said.

Nissan has been working with Habitat for Humanity since 2005 and continue to be more involved. Nissan recently provided Habit was over 100 cars to help with logistics for the organization.

Nissan LEAF Puts on a Show in the Winter

The zero-emissions Nissan LEAF has been a breakthrough vehicle in the auto industry, changing how we drive on a daily basis. But what about the winter? Electricity and winter don’t mix well together so how can the Nissan LEAF perform in the cold?

Japan journalists wanted to answer this question themselves and took the LEAF out and braved the freezing cold and snow to show what the LEAF could do. Taking it to Northern Japan on three snow courses should do the trick. Enjoy this great video of how the LEAF performed as a winter vehicle!