Professional Cycling Team Excited for Nissan Co-Sponsorship


Nissan has increased their involvement in the cycling world by becoming the co-sponsor for the RADIOSHACK NISSAN TREK professional cycling team.  Nissan has aligned itself with 30 of the best riders in the professional cycling world that race for the championship in the World Tour. 

Nissan was involved with the cycling team the past two years with a lesser sponsorship.  “We’re very excited to have Nissan increase their support of our team. Team vehicles and new innovations play a key role in the success of any professional cycling team and we look forward to using Nissan products as we race around the world,” said Chris Horner. “We know that Nissan has some exciting product launches on the horizon and we look forward to an excellent partnership with our Nissan friends for 2012.”

Nissan is very active in sport sponsorships to help promote a healthy lifestyle that coincides with their company philosophy.  Nissan participates in major running events such as the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, Country Music Marathon, and many more.  Nissan will have a major presence at the professional cycling events during the Tour of California, Tour of Colorado, Tour de France and more. 

Some of the bigger names on the team include Andy and Fränk Schleck, Fabian Cancellara, Andreas Kloden, plus Americans Chris Horner, Matthew Busche and Ben King.

Nissan Uses Auto Technology to Create First Self-Repairing iPhone Case

Nissan released its latest model and it’s the farthest thing from a car, they’ve designed an iPhone case.  Nissan has created the world’s first self-repairing iPhone case.  Loaded with automotive technology from Nissan, the case is designed to be able to repair itself if scratches occur.

Nissan Self-Healing iPhone CaseThe case features Nissan’s self-healing paint finish.  Nissan developed the paint back in 2005.  Considering iPhones are prone to scratches from everyday use, the new paint technology seemed like a no brainer.  The outer paint heals itself because the paint is made from polyrotaxane.  When a scratch occurs, the chemical structure reacts to put itself in its original state so the paint looks normal again, thus healing itself.

The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case paint also has more of a gel feel than gloss which gives a better grip which leads to better protection of the phone.  Nissan constructed the case with ABS plastic, a high grade plastic used in the automotive industry that allows the case to be extra rigid and fit tighter.

The case is a prototype right now that is going through extensive testing.  If the case passes quality testing, Nissan looks to sell the case by the end of the year.

The Future of Nissan SUVs: The Pathfinder Concept

Nissan used the 2012 North American International Auto Show as the launch pad to showcase its Nissan Pathfinder Concept vehicle, the next-generation SUV.  The concept was a preview of what the 2013 Pathfinder will incorporate.

Nissan completely remade the Pathfinder to usher in a new phase in the latest of Nissan SUVs.  The styling of the Pathfinder is a bold, dramatic look that had plenty of spectators pumped for the new SUV.

“We’ve created a vehicle with an extraordinary balance of SUV capability, thoughtful technology and premium comfort to lead the segment once again,” explained Al Castignetti, vice president and general manager, Nissan Division, Nissan North America, Inc.

Nissan Announces 2012 cube Details

Nissan CubeThe Nissan cube has made quite a name for itself since its release.  The funky, boxy car has created quite a following of fans that have been waiting patiently for the release of the 2012 version.  Nissan has released the details on the unmistakable cube available now at dealers nationwide.

The Nissan cube is famous for its box frame, asymmetrical rear window, refrigerator-like rear door and unique interior.  Fans of the Nissan cube will enjoy the 2012 edition of the 1.8 S Indigo Limited Edition cube.  With Indigo colored seats, Nissan Navigation System, Rearview Monitor, a bumping Rockford Fosgate audio and so much more, drivers will love this special edition cube.

The 2012 cube comes in three different trims: cube 1.8, cube 1.8 S, and cube 1.8 SL.  The cube is front-wheel drive and is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that attains an efficient 31 mpg highway.

The cube is not for the shy and not for everyone.  The unique style has a special niche for Nissan fans.