Nissan cube Named by Forbes as One of the Safest Cars Under $20,000

With safety as the number one priority for Nissan, Nissan engineers are constantly working on developing the latest in technology to better protect its passengers.

Nissan cubeThe roads are the safest they have ever been with the lowest fatality rates to date.  Small cars were thought to be unsafe but recent technology and advancement has made subcompact and compact cars more attractive for their safety as well as their bottom line.

Forbes decided to put a list of the best vehicles for under $20,000 that are the best picks for safety.  These vehicles are able to overcome the stigma of small cars being unsafe and provide passengers a safe ride.

The Nissan cube was named one of the nineteen vehicles for being the safest while having a price tag under $20,000.  The Nissan cube is such a distinct vehicle for style but with its great safety as well, should continue to attract new owners.  Congrats to the Nissan cube!

Check out the Forbes complete list!

Nissan’s New Pathfinder Concept Ready for Display at Detroit Auto Show in January

Nissan will use the North American International Auto Show as the launch pad to reveal their all-new Pathfinder concept vehicle.  The new Pathfinder is ready to make its global debut and show off the brand new design of an iconic Nissan model.

Nissan is terming it “The Next Gen SUV”.  Engineers took all of the traditional aspects of the Pathfinder and meshed it with Nissan’s newest aerodynamic exterior design and platform.

Pathfinder ConceptFans can watch the unveiling of the Pathfinder Concept online as well at  Users can also enjoy visiting the Pathfinder Concept website where they can sign up to get the latest news on the vehicle.

We wish the teaser image revealed more but we are excited to see the whole picture of the next generation of Nissan SUVs!  Stay tuned for more!

New All-Electric Nissan Vehicle Getting Trial Run in London with FedEx

Nissan FedEx NV200 EV VanFedEx will be utilizing Nissan’s zero-emission, all-electric delivery van prototype, the NV200 EV, in London for deliveries during a vehicle testing experiment.  FedEx and Nissan will work together over the next 60 days to analyze how the electric vehicle is performing under the city and work conditions.

Nissan took the engineering of the 100% electric LEAF and used the powertrain and battery on the NV200 EV. 

“Zero-emission vehicles like Nissan LEAF are already playing an increasingly significant environmental role in our towns and cities. The Nissan NV200 EV prototype delivery vehicle will not only improve the quality of urban life, but thanks to best in class running costs has great potential to ease the economic burdens placed on companies,” said Nissan Corporate Vice President Hideto Murakami, responsible for the Global LCV Business Unit, “FedEx Express feedback from the evaluation process will help us tailor a future battery-powered light commercial Nissan vehicle that meets customer needs.”

Nissan is excited to bring the zero-emissions technology to light commercial vehicles and business-to-business markets as it strives to become the global leader for electric-vehicles.   Nissan will be holding additional trails throughout the year of 2012 to get a true picture of the NV200 EV.

FedEx currently is using 43 all-electric vehicles in daily use in cities across the globe including London, Paris, New York, LA, Chicago and more!

Ready to Rock: Nissan Juke-R Takes to the Track for Testing

The Nissan Juke-R combination of the Juke and GT-R into a super crossover vehicle has finally made it to the important stage of testing.  Nissan engineers take the Juke-R to the track to unleash it through tests to see what the machine is all about!

Shaking down the car to make sure the Juke-R is operating correctly is important to see that all of the components are working together without issues.  Workers will be pushing the limits of the Juke-R to see what type of performance numbers the vehicle can attain.  Safety is also a major factor with testing the Juke-R to make sure the car is handling and holding together correctly.

Watch and enjoy!  All of the Juke-R episodes can be viewed at

Nissan Maxima Shows Consistency with 2012 Best Residual Value Award

2012 Maxima ALGAs a major model for Nissan, the Maxima must deliver on a yearly basis to keep up as a top-notch vehicle.  For the fourth year in a row, Maxima delivered another homerun, earning the 2012 Best Residual Value Award.  Presented by the Automotive Lease Guide (ALG), an auto industry-leading expert on cars, the award is a testament to the quality of a vehicle and its ability to hold value.

The Maxima beat out the competition in the fullsize car category in holding value.  Maxima has been the winner in the fullsize class for four consecutive years now (2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012).  Four years is quite a feat for the Maxima to exhibit consistent design, performance, and quality.

ALG residual value is the highest percentage of the original purchase price that the vehicle will have after a three-year period.  ALG determines residual value by analyzing multiple factors including competing vehicles in the class, quality, resale performance, industry residual values, sales strategy, and more.  The ALG residual value is highly regarded in the auto world and is a major player in a buyer’s decision of buying a vehicle.

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