Nissan Moves Ahead with Construction of the Juke-R Handling

The idea of combining a Nissan Juke and a GT-R together was a wild one but Nissan engineers have made the most of the experience so far.  Combining the two vehicles into one supercar crossover, the Juke-R, is quite a task for engineers to overcome the differences in the two models.  With the brightest minds together, they continue to push forward in creating the amazing concept vehicle.

The latest episode of the Juke-R series depicts Nissan engineers working diligently on a roll cage to help make the vehicle prepared for the GT-R’s speed and power as well as suspension set-up for the vehicle difference of height and weight.

All of the Juke-R construction videos can be found on the Nissan Juke’s YouTube Channel.  Enjoy the current episode and make sure to watch all of the others!