“Sketch Pad”: Third Chapter Of Nissan Titan Truckumentary

nissan titan truckumentary

Ever wonder how a vehicle becomes realized from the ground up? The third chapter in a unique series of short videos from Nissan captures the process of what it was like to design the newest generation of the Nissan Titan.

Our guide for the third chapter of the Nissan Titan Truckumentary, entitled, “Sketch Pad,” is Diane Allen, Senior Design Manager. She seems overwhelmingly qualified for the job, having worked at Nissan for 30 years and overseen the design of a number of significant models. Not to mention, her passion and enthusiasm is very evident, and contagious.

She explains how her team consists of design people who each have their own specialty. There are people whose job it is to sketch, people who do clay-modeling, digital creation, milling, and scanning.

Allen spoke fondly and excitedly of how the team assembled and began what she calls a “design conversation.” Part of that process was creating an “inspiration wall,” where team members could place inspiration objects, from images of the god Titan to power tools.

The finished product does look admittedly…visionary. At the least, its shape and design cues give it a strong presence. That came from the Nissan’s team design philosophy. According to Allen, the team “had to be our own.”

“We had to be Nissan,” she said. At James Ceranti Nissan, we loved catching up on the latest edition of the Truckumentary. Let us know in the comments what you thought.