Nissan GT-R Racers Comically Pre-Occupied

2013 Nissan GT-RNissan boasts that the GT-R is not just any old supercar—it’s “the supercar”. As one of the very fastest cars available on the market for the modern driver, the GT-R is a beautiful combination of unbridled muscle, prized Nissan technology, and unique character.

Part of the marvel and praise associated with the Nissan GT-R is its perfect balance of power and control. Despite incredibly high 500+ horsepower, the GT-R is known for superb handling. However, not all critics deem this a good thing, arguing curtly that the car pretty much drives itself.

YouTube’s That Racing Channel decided to answer those criticisms with a particularly entertaining video which we’ve included below. The video features two GT-R drivers engaging in a race during which both are pre-occupied, to say the least. As the cars speed forward on perfectly straight paths, the drivers play handheld video games, eat over-stuffed sandwiches, catch naps, and even shave.

Obviously, this method of driving is not recommended or realistic, but the video is definitely worth a watch, especially for those of us that appreciate the GT-R in all its glory! Check it out for a good laugh, and come visit us at James Ceranti Nissan!

Nissan GT-R Races a Fighter Jet

Speed can be fun in any language. Combine the thrill of doing something bad, the heightened senses from an adrenaline rush and the overwhelming feeling of freedom and you’ve got yourself one awesome adventure cocktail.  Nissan’s German arm recently pitted a GT-R up against an ex-Swiss Air Force fighter jet, called the Hawker Hunter. While the idea of a car vs. plane knockdown, drag-out fight is nothing new, this may be the first time a GT-R has been involved in one.

We know you won’t be disappointed by this action, which shows the two high-speed machines racing along the two-kilometer runway. We don’t want to ruin the suspense, so scroll down for the latest match-up of sports car versus fighter jet.

Reventon vs. Nissan GT-R vs. Ducati 1098

What to do with two supercars and one impressive motorcycle?

2013 Nissan GT-R

Drag race, of course! Motor Trend has done it again, this time with three breathtaking pieces of machinery and one long straightaway.

The Lamborghini Reventon is a mid engine sports car that debuted in 2007. The average price of one of these babies is around two million dollars! Rated at 693 hp, its tops speed has been recorded at 211 mph. Ducati manufacturers claim 160 hp and the 0-60 mph time is less than three seconds. Top speeds are estimated around 180 mph. The GT-R has been upgraded in the 2013 models to 580 hp.

The results of the first race may have been based on the Nissan’s tune-up, because it raced for first with the Ducati, while leaving the Reventon far behind after a poor launch. When the Ducati opted out of a second race, the GT-R triumphed again, despite the Lamborghini’s improved launch. In one final race, the all-wheel-drive supercars raced from a rolling start. So which car won the third and final race? You’ll have to check out the video below for the answer!

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Ready to Rock: Nissan Juke-R Takes to the Track for Testing

The Nissan Juke-R combination of the Juke and GT-R into a super crossover vehicle has finally made it to the important stage of testing.  Nissan engineers take the Juke-R to the track to unleash it through tests to see what the machine is all about!

Shaking down the car to make sure the Juke-R is operating correctly is important to see that all of the components are working together without issues.  Workers will be pushing the limits of the Juke-R to see what type of performance numbers the vehicle can attain.  Safety is also a major factor with testing the Juke-R to make sure the car is handling and holding together correctly.

Watch and enjoy!  All of the Juke-R episodes can be viewed at

Nissan Moves Ahead with Construction of the Juke-R Handling

The idea of combining a Nissan Juke and a GT-R together was a wild one but Nissan engineers have made the most of the experience so far.  Combining the two vehicles into one supercar crossover, the Juke-R, is quite a task for engineers to overcome the differences in the two models.  With the brightest minds together, they continue to push forward in creating the amazing concept vehicle.

The latest episode of the Juke-R series depicts Nissan engineers working diligently on a roll cage to help make the vehicle prepared for the GT-R’s speed and power as well as suspension set-up for the vehicle difference of height and weight.

All of the Juke-R construction videos can be found on the Nissan Juke’s YouTube Channel.  Enjoy the current episode and make sure to watch all of the others!