Nissan Design Studio Sketches Mirror Kids’ Car Drawings

Nissan has helped the cars of children’s imaginations come to life this month as part of the company’s celebration of Children’s Day at Nissan Brazil. The Japanese carmaker’s Design America Rio recently took sketches submitted by the children of Nissan Brazil workers for the company’s “Automobile of the Future” drawing contest, choosing three winners and an honorable mention. The studio then took the selected winners and recreated their drawings, creating Nissan Design Studio sketches of each.

“There are no limits when it comes to the kids’ imaginations,” said Robert Bauer, designer-in-chief of Nissan Design America Rio. “As professional designers, we can see through the imagination of a child and realize what is possible… There is something refreshing in working with kids—the joy of life and their sharp sense of recreating the world are very inspiring.”

The three winners were Karine, a five-year-old daughter of a worker from Resende Industrial Complex, Sophya, a ten-year-old daughter of a worker from the same complex, and Gabriela, a nine-year-old daughter of a worker from the Resende Complex. The honorable mention was Nathalia, a 10-year-old daughter of a worker from Sao Jose dos Pinhais’ Unity.

To see the children’s drawings turned professional sketches, click here and tell James Ceranti Nissan what you think!