Nissan Skyline Races a Mobility Scooter

Nissan SkylineIt seems completely silly and pointless-and it is- but let’s just see what happens when a Nissan Skyline was to race the same kind of scooter your grandfather takes with him to the grocery store. Hoveround’s commercial does say it will take you anywhere! I bet they weren’t counting on this type of activity, though. If someone asked you to lay money on a bet between a car and a scooter, we’re pretty sure you’d pick the car. Unless of course, you knew this was going to be a funny YouTube video, then all bets are off.

This particular scooter did have a few upgrades, including a Suzuki GSX-600F engine to be fair. However, (spoilers ahead!) a car is much bigger and the scooter doesn’t take any trophies home on this one. All in all, we’re sure it’d be enough of a thrill for your grandpa to get his blood flowing, but not cause a heart attack. “The little engine that could” scooter puts up a great fight and even keeps the lead for most of the race. Guess you’ll have to decide for yourself who the real winner is!