Nissan LEAF Batteries Rate 99.99% Reliable

Nissan LEAF Batteries

We’re five years into battery powered vehicles, and it’s time for a checkup. The Nissan LEAF is the world’s bestselling electric car with over 165,000 sold. Powered by a battery, one of the many worries is the high cost that comes with having to replace a battery. Nissan checked in on their battery-powered LEAF’s in Europe and came to an astounding conclusion.

Of the 35,000 LEAF sales in Europe, a grand total of three had a battery power unit failure. Yes, three. That’s 0.01% of all sales, meaning that Nissan LEAF batteries are 99.99% reliable. That’s a mere fraction of the industry-wide defects in normal car engines.

“The facts speak for themselves. The rate of battery faults in our vehicles is negligible, even the most ardent critic cannot argue with that,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles, Nissan Europe.

LEAF sales haven’t dropped off – in fact, it seems they’ve just begun. Last year the LEAF saw a 33% sales increase over 2013, taking over 25% of the electric car market with over 15,000 sales. Added bonus: the LEAF is 40% cheaper to maintain as well, with only three onboard components.

“The battery technology is just part of our success story. With over 165,000 customers globally, it’s clear that we’re not the only people who are thrilled by the success of this state-of-the-art technology,” said Diernaz.

Nissan LEAF Finally Reaching Profitability

Nissan LEAF

One thing we know for certain about automakers is that they know how to turn a profit. Or do they? Despite having just experienced 19 consecutive months of record sales, the Nissan LEAF is still not quite profitable.

That goes to show how far Nissan is willing to go to support clean and efficient driving. Since 2010, the automaker has sold over 64,000 LEAFs in the United States and around 140,000 globally. It’s produced in Japan, the UK, and the US, and has sold more than any other standard passenger electric vehicle in the world.

Finally, Nissan’s efforts are about to pay off—and more than just in terms of money. “We are getting there [to Leaf profitability],”said Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan. “Are we amortizing and depreciating everything we have spent? No. But if you look at margin of profit – the direct cost of the car and the revenue of the car—we are getting into positive, which is good for this technology.”

Profitability means that Nissan and other automakers will have even more incentives to build and improve electric cars in the future. We look forward to it at James Ceranti Nissan!

Ever Wondered What it is Like to Own a Nissan LEAF?

Nissan LEAF

The “Think Green” mentality has caused many car owners to rethink the way they travel on a day-to-day basis.  Nissan offers consumers the solution to reducing drivers’ carbon footprints: the Nissan LEAF. However, it can be pretty daunting when deciding to go with an electric-only vehicle. There are many questions about switching to an electric-only vehicle that are probably going through your head this very minute.

However, there is comfort in this time of distress for anxious car buyers. Nissan is turning over a new leaf (get it…?) and they have now developed a new page on their website called the Nissan LEAF Q&A: Real Owners, Real Answers. This page allows real owners of the Nissan LEAF to answer common questions that consumers have about the switch to the electric-only option.

You can now read different viewpoints on topics such as cost, length of travel, daily charge routine, comfort and drive. There are a total of 44 common questions that consumers can look into. The amount of answers vary per topic, however, each has at least five answers to compare.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to an electric-only vehicle, we think that the Nissan LEAF is a great option. Come visit us and find out more!

LEAF Celebrates Over 100 Million Gas-Free Miles

Nissan LEAFThe Nissan LEAF electric vehicle recently accomplished a feat that deserves mentioning. Since its introduction in December 2010, LEAF owners combined have driven the zero-emission vehicle over 100 million electric miles.

Most of those miles have been driven state-side; the total number of miles driven by LEAF owners in the US is over 61 million. The average charging time of this all-electric vehicle is 2 hours on a level 2 charger and the average daily commute of US LEAF owners is 29.52 miles.

The Nissan LEAF is kind to the environment and loaded with standard features. Comfort and convenience features include satellite radio, an MP3 player, keyless start, a trip computer, variable speed intermittent wipers, a navigation system, and climate control. Its spacious front seat offers more room than you might expect. As a 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick, LEAF earned a rating of ‘good’, the highest rating possible, in all four test performed on it.

Are you looking to go green in a fun to drive and spirited car? Your search can end now with the Nissan LEAF from James Ceranti Nissan. Visit our Greenville dealership today or view photos and information of our inventory online at

New All-Electric Nissan Vehicle Getting Trial Run in London with FedEx

Nissan FedEx NV200 EV VanFedEx will be utilizing Nissan’s zero-emission, all-electric delivery van prototype, the NV200 EV, in London for deliveries during a vehicle testing experiment.  FedEx and Nissan will work together over the next 60 days to analyze how the electric vehicle is performing under the city and work conditions.

Nissan took the engineering of the 100% electric LEAF and used the powertrain and battery on the NV200 EV. 

“Zero-emission vehicles like Nissan LEAF are already playing an increasingly significant environmental role in our towns and cities. The Nissan NV200 EV prototype delivery vehicle will not only improve the quality of urban life, but thanks to best in class running costs has great potential to ease the economic burdens placed on companies,” said Nissan Corporate Vice President Hideto Murakami, responsible for the Global LCV Business Unit, “FedEx Express feedback from the evaluation process will help us tailor a future battery-powered light commercial Nissan vehicle that meets customer needs.”

Nissan is excited to bring the zero-emissions technology to light commercial vehicles and business-to-business markets as it strives to become the global leader for electric-vehicles.   Nissan will be holding additional trails throughout the year of 2012 to get a true picture of the NV200 EV.

FedEx currently is using 43 all-electric vehicles in daily use in cities across the globe including London, Paris, New York, LA, Chicago and more!