Nissan LEAF Claims Title as Cleanest Car from ASG

LEAF Named Cleanest Car by Automotive Science GroupFuel efficiency is not the only factor taken into consideration when determining the cleanest or greenest of cars. The Automotive Science Group (ASG) recognized this and sought to calculate which production model was truly the cleanest car in the United States. The ASG’s ultimate determination: the Nissan LEAF, which the organization named the cleanest overall vehicle in the United States.

ASG studied more than 1,300 cars (with at least four seats) across nine categories. They considered a wide range of factors including fuel efficiency, end-of-life processing, materials used in production, and more. ASG calls their calculations “wildly complex,” but the results are decidedly simple.

In the end, the Nissan LEAF reigned supreme. The LEAF being the cleanest car is not a huge surprise considering it produces zero emissions and has an 84-mile electric range. Nissan’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact is also clear in the manners through which they acquire the materials to make their EV and the methods through which they produce them.

The LEAF, which ASG put in the mid-size car category, also won the awards for Best All-Around Performance, Best 5 All-Around Performance, Best Environmental Performance, and Best Social Performance.

Here at James Ceranti Nissan we are so excited to see the LEAF doing well, both in sales, and in recognition from the automotive industry. Are you a LEAF driver and proud of it? Sound off!