Nissan’s Reliability More Impressive than the Entire VW Lineup

Nissan's Reliability More Impressive than VW

We don’t want to rub it in or anything, but it’s now a scientific fact that the Nissan Maxima is more reliable than the entire Volkswagen lineup. When it comes to purchasing a used car, shoppers want something that’s sure to last. In an effort to find out which cars truly stand the test of time and remain reliable, the Long-Term Quality Index was founded. According to the founders, the index is based not on opinion, but scientific data.

The index takes into account 550,000 data samples from across the country and measures specific factors that tell you how well a car has performed over its life: mileage, age, and condition. The study removes owner bias – only skilled mechanics and professionals appraise each vehicle’s condition. The index also focuses exclusively on condition and longevity – cars that are 18 years or older or have 180,000 or more miles are considered.

The study found that only a few kinds of vehicles routinely outperform (and outlive) their competitors. As it turns out, Nissan’s reliability is among the best in the world. The study calls Nissan’s ranking as one of the world’s most reliable cars the study’s biggest surprise – but we aren’t the least bit surprised. Maximas seem to last forever.

Based on the study, Maximas model year 2002 and earlier with a 3-liter engine and four-speed automatic offer exceptional long-term reliability. The index reports that 1,038 Maximas out of 4,825 included in the study have driven over 180,000 miles – that’s a whopping 21 percent – versus only 785 Volkswagens out of 14,518 included in the study (just 5.4 percent).

If you’re ready to buy a car that will stand the test of time, consider a Nissan. Stop by James Ceranti Nissan today to learn more about Nissan’s reliability and our long-lasting lineup, including the 2015 Maxima!