Nissan Opens Silicon Valley Research Center

The Nissan industry has opened a new research facility in Silicon Valley, where they plan to focus on autonomous and connected vehicles. The new facility is called the Nissan Research Center Silicon Valley (NRC-SV) and will be used alongside local educational institutions and companies to work on new vehicle projects. The initial projects will focus on autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles using the internet to communicate with the outside world.

“As we continue to expand our R&D capabilities throughout the world, we aggressively pursue our activities to create new values of mobility, by harnessing the latest information and communication technologies here in our new research center in Silicon Valley,” said Nissan Executive Vice President supervising Research and Development Mitsuhiko Yamashita.

Nissan is looking for 60 “outsiders” to be involved in this research initially. An “outsider” would be someone who is not from the auto industry. Nissan has hired former NASA scientist, Maarten Sierhuis, to lead the project. It is believed that autonomous cars could be in showrooms within a decade if many issues are resolved.

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