Nissan Experimenting with Dealership Layout

Nissan New Retail Concept Could Alter Future Dealership LayoutMost people are familiar with the traditional car dealership experience. Of course, some dealerships take pride in the shopping atmosphere that they offer (like us here at James Ceranti Nissan), and although all dealerships are not the same, most showrooms have a similar dealership layout. There are reception desks and offices and more desks.

Well, Nissan is now looking forward to the future, and the dealership layout may just look a lot different in the eyes of the innovative brand. The experiment has been coined the Nissan New Retail Concept, and the vision involves simply cars and people.

While this might seem bare-bones, we’re guessing that if Nissan wants to do it, it is likely going to be commonplace in the future. Handheld technological devices will make this process possible, and Nissan hopes to provide customers with a more intimate and less daunting buying experience.

Apparently, a dealership in London has been trying its hand with Nissan’s idealized dealership layout, and the results have been impressive in terms of improved customer satisfaction. Their sales have reportedly gone up as well.

What do you think of Nissan’s newest approach to the car-buying experience?